• Putting the Super back in Supervision: Practical Guidelines for Ethical Practice – Morgan et al (3 hours)
  • The Wyoming Mental Health Professions Rules – Knowing the Ethical Components – Goede & Lamorie (1 hr)


  • Flying Under the Radar: Eating Disorders, the Unspoken Struggle – Bokenkamp Hruby
  • Stick It To Counseling:   Incorporating the NADA Protocol into Addictions & Clinical Treatment – Felton
  • Counselors Go the Distance with Addiction: Exploring Paradigms and Trends – Miller
  • Alcohol Use, Drug Use and Suicide: It Can Be a Deadly Combination – Johnston
  • Not Having to Go the Distance: Wyoming Counselors and Colorado Cannabis – Miller
  • Movie & Discussion: “The Anonymous People” – Johnston


  • Systems Change in the Wild West: Wrangling Bullying Issues through Effective Cowboy and Educator Partnerships and Practices —  Wakkinen & Zimny
  • Play Therapy in the 21st Century – Cleveland
  • Identity Development of Student Athletes – Armstrong
  • Mental Health in the Classroom – Rogers-Larke
  • Naviance:  Creating a Culture of Post-secondary Success – Zimmerman


  • The Systemic Treatment of Grief and Loss – Matheson (keynote – 6 hours)
  • Staying Well, Staying Helpful: Self Care is a Marathon, Not a Sprint — Faimon
  • Who You Are Counts: How You Are Requires Awareness – Warren
  • God doesn’t make junk, but He made me:   The treatment of ADHD in females —
  • Rogers-Larke
  • Identifying & Supporting Students with Mental Health Disabilities – We Need Your Help! — Gion
  • HIPAA Compliance for Mental Health Practices — Norby & Lach
  • Play Therapy in the 21st Century – Cleveland
  • Border Crossing: How Gay Male Clients Experience Working with a Straight Male Therapist — Sandman
  • Strengthening Professional Identity Through Sandtray – Felton
  • Nurturing Spirituality across the Lifespan – Bruce et al
  • American Red Cross Fundamentals of Disaster Mental Health – Doran & Barker