ALERT – funding for school counselors

Dear ACA Member,

Federal funding for professional school counselors is in jeopardy and we need your help to save it!

The U.S. House of Representatives is currently debating H.R. 83, the “Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2015.” This bill would fund most of the federal government for the rest of the fiscal year, but more importantly, it contains over $49 million to fund the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program!

If this bill does not pass, there is no guarantee that the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program funding will be provided when the new Congress convenes next month.

If we want to maintain this funding, then we need this bill to pass. 

I am urging you to email your U.S. Representative and ask him/her to vote in favor of this bill. This funding is crucial to maintaining counseling programs in our schools!

Please email as soon as you can, your voice is important and needs to be heard!

Guila Todd
Legislative Representative

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Janet de Vries

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