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From the author Kevin Kuczynski MA, LLPC, SCL, BCPC

Behind the Counselor’s Door is a non-fiction work that allows the reader to enter the office of a high school counselor and read about the real personal experiences and issues of high school students. The reader will engage with real teenage stories of family turmoil, struggles with school work, the choices to have sex, use drugs and alcohol all while striving to plan for college and a life of their own. My hope is that the reader will learn from the choices these students have made and will see first-hand how the choices one makes can have an impact on one’s ability to succeed in college, in a future career, and in life. Readers will also learn that many of the teenagers mentioned have learned to overcome and succeed despite numerous obstacles and challenges they faced.

Behind the Counselor’s Door is intended as an “easy read” for teenagers; however, my book is a resource for parents, teachers, and all those who work with teenagers.  I have been told that my book is unique and interesting because it allows for teenagers to learn from the experiences and circumstances of their peers as opposed to just having the author “talk” to them. This book has been utilized in schools across the country.

Dave Pelzer (New York Times bestselling author of “A Child Called It” has endorsed the book as he writes:  “Behind the Counselor’s Door is powerful and eye-opening! It provides the reader with a realistic look and gripping stories of the turmoil teenagers face and have to deal with from the perspective of a high school counselor. Kuczynski takes a unique approach that enables the reader to find the grit and resiliency to overcome personal challenges and achieve greatness.”


The book is available online at Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, HCI Books Inc., and many others.


Kevin Kuczynski MA, LLPC, SCL, BCPC
Achieve Greatness LLC

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