Tapping Training – Casper

Many of you may have seen or heard about a therapeutic tool called  “Tapping” or also known as EFT. Tapping is a therapeutic tool that is quickly becoming a favorite tool for teachers, therapists, social workers, energy practitioners, medical professionals, and parents.  And on August 19th from 9-12 pm you have a chance to learn tapping in Casper!
Tapping is an incredibly effective tool that can be used for emotional distress and treatment for physical pain. For the past 15 years, a dear friend and colleague, Dr. Peta Stapleton has been researching Tapping and the impact on the brain as a stress reduction technique and often describes it as “psychological acupuncture.” It is easy to learn as well as teach to others. It is a great tool for day-to-day emotional regulation as for in the moment stress reduction.
To learn more about Tapping and Gene Monterastelli, the Tapping practitioner with over 15 years experience that will be leading this training, click here: https://tappingqanda.com/learntapping/
If you are interested in joining us, you can sign up here: https://home.tappingqanda.com/casper-am-sign-up
Cost: $25
Date: August 19th, 9-12 pm
Location: Casper College’s Gateway #312
Please contact Elaine Monterastelli at elainetqagroup@gmail.com or 503-349-1044

Amanda Christine DeDiego

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