Wyoming Women in Recovery (WWinR)

Casper, WY — Central Wyoming Counseling Center has a program just for women; CWCC’s Wyoming Women in Recovery (WWinR) is an addiction treatment program designed specifically for women. Research indicates that women use alcohol and drugs differently than men; and their recovery needs are different than men’s.  Women often delay treatment due to family obligations, shame and fear.  These issues must be addressed to begin her recovery. WWinR’s  IOP (Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program)  is a comprehensive treatment program that addresses the physiological, psychological and   emotional needs of addicted women.

This Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program is female specific.  This program is led by a talented Master Level Clinician, Michelle Schuetz, MS; whose passion is partnering with clients on their path to success and recovery.   Ms. Schuetz works with Ms. Erin Sims, MS, LPC, CWCC’s Substance Abuse Outpatient Supervisor, who began facilitating Co-Ed IOP Groups at CWCC; and by September 2012 was also leading the first Wyoming Women in Recovery’s IOP Group.  These two clinicians are dedicated to helping women regain their lives and their dignity; and to empower women to lead healthy, happy and productive lives.  This group meets for 12 weeks, three days per week, for three hours per day.  Topics addressed include dealing with fear, intimacy, parenting, relationships, depression and work.  The WWinR program is designed to help women overcome their  addiction, address specific areas of their life and to identify a path to recovery and joy.

Wyoming Women in Recovery is just one part of a comprehensive treatment program available to the women of Wyoming.  CWCC has a full Women’s Residential Addiction Treatment Program; to include a residential program, a residential program for women who have young children, and a residential program for pregnant women.  Beside the Residential and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, Ms. Schuetz and Ms. Sims run the Women Specific Mid-Intensity Outpatient Group (MIG),  a traditional Outpatient  Recovery Group, and a relapse prevention group.  No woman should have to suffer with an addiction when help is as near as the phone.   For help with an alcohol or drug addiction problem call (307) 237-1800; or walk in with out an appointment and see a therapist in 30 minutes any weekday from 9am to 2pm.

“It is our hope to empower women; to help them find recovery, peace and joyful lives through treatment for their addictions”, stated Substance Abuse Program Director, Ms. Carol King, MSW, LCSW.  “CWCC is a comprehensive Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Center that has served Wyoming for the past 56 years.  The Wyoming Women in Recovery program is just the next step in helping Wyoming women to have hope, health and  recovery.”

Founded in 1959, Central Wyoming Counseling Center is Natrona County’s non-profit Community Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Center, and for 56 years has been dedicated to helping residents of Wyoming. CWCC offers prevention, treatment and continual support to adults, teens, children and families through individual and/or group treatment. Most insurance is accepted and all residents of Wyoming are eligible to receive services regardless of their ability to pay. 

CWCC receives funding through grants, foundations and private donors.
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For more information on CWCC, its facilities and services contact: vziton@cwcc.us

Janet de Vries

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