All WCA officers are required to be members of the American Counseling Association.


  1. Chief elected officer of the Association
  2. Upholds the rules and regulations of the administration of the Association
  3. Promotes a program of activities for the Association.
  4. Schedules & facilitates Executive Board meetings.
  5. Liaison between the Association, the ACA, and the Western Region ACA.
    1. Files annual activity reports to ACA in January.
    2. Participates in monthly conference calls with Western Region reps.
    3. Attends ACA annual conference (March/April).
  6. Plans & coordinates WCA’s annual conference in conjunction with other officers and members.
    1. Secures the conference location & negotiate the contract.
    2. Identifies the pre-conference keynote speaker.
    3. Solicits presentations.
    4. Creates a schedule.
  7. Presides at all statewide meetings of the Association.
  8. Subject to approval by the Executive Board, appoints the treasurer and all other committees.
  9. Communicates with members frequently.
  10. Supervises contract employees.


  1. Performs the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President
  2. Assumes the Presidency of the Association upon the death or resignation of the President.
  3. Assists with plans and preparations for WCA’s annual conference in conjunction with the President.
  4. Attends ACA Institute for Leadership Training
  5. Assists with communication with membership.

Past President

  1. Mentors incoming President and President-Elect.
  2. Assists with plans and preparations for WCA’s annual conference.
  3. Promotes the officer nomination process to the Members & recruit potential nominees.
  4. Oversees the election of officers.
  5. Performs the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President and the President-Elect.


  1. Records all the proceedings of the meetings of the Members and of the Executive Board.
  2. Collects the Awards nominations and orders the recognitions.
  3. Recruits conference On-site Registration helpers.
  4. Compiles conference evaluations and communicates information with presenters after the conference.
  5. Creates continuing education, PTSB documentation and certificates.
  6. Issues press releases regarding WCA news.
  7. Posts news items on WCA website.


  1. Appointed by the President.
  2. Develops annual budget.
  3. Assures the receipts and expenditures of funds in accordance with the directives established by the Executive Board, especially annual conference registrations and expenses.
  4. Reports the condition of the treasury at Executive Board and Member meetings.
  5. Presides over meetings of such finance and audit committees.
  6. Tracks and processes membership renewals.
  7. Files financial and legal reports with appropriate state agencies.

Graduate Student Representative

  1. Serves as non-voting board member.
  2. Serves as liaison to graduate student members.
  3. Connects student members with mentors.
  4. Coordinates graduate student involvement with WCA.
  5. Promotes graduate student membership.
  6. Advocates for student needs within the WCA.
  7. Manages and updates all social media accounts.


  1. Serves as non-voting board member.
  2. Serves as liaison with regional membership.
  3. Connects student members and at-large membership
  4. Serves in advisory role to Executive Board.
  5. Promotes and engages membership.
  6. Advocates for membership needs within the WCA.