WCA 2015 Conference Keynotes Grief & Loss, Supervision & Ethics

Keynote on  Thurs., Oct. 1:   The Systemic Treatment of Grief and Loss (6 CEUs)
Jenn Matheson, Ph.D., LMFT
Clinical Director of Aspen Trauma Therapy Institute  in Fort Collins and Longmont, CO.
Affiliate faculty at Colorado State University, Dept. of Human Development and Family Studies

While clients may not specifically seek therapy for issues of grief and loss, all clients have a past or present loss event that may be impacting their current lives. Those acknowledged or unacknowledged losses may be death-related or non-death related such as job loss, illness, a move, or divorce. Significant losses have an impact on the individual as well as larger systems, whether it be the couple, the family, school, community, or the country. Most clinicians never receive formal training in grief and loss therapy, therefore they struggle to find the mindset and techniques to fit with the treatment of grief and loss. Dr. Matheson will share the latest research on grief and loss theory and bridge it with the field of family and couples therapy. Attendees will gain insights into how to assess for various forms of grief. Whether your client is a family of five or a single person in the room, attendees will learn to use a systemic lens from treatment planning through to the end of therapy. Self-of-the-therapist and multicultural issues will also be discussed.


Featured Presentation on Sat., Oct. 3:   Putting the Super back in Supervision: Practical Guidelines for Ethical Practice (3 CEUs)
Michael M. Morgan, Ph.D., LMFT, Associate Professor, & doctoral students
University of Wyoming, Counselor Education & Supervision

Many counselors become clinical supervisors, but few receive formal training or mentoring on how to be super in this vital role.  Grounded in the literature, this workshop will help participants develop the knowledge and skills to support supervisees’ ongoing development as effective, ethical counselors, while protecting clients and the profession.  The 2014 ACA code of ethics and implications for supervision and counseling practice will be explored.  We’ll combine teaching, discussion, demonstration and role-play into an interactive and enjoyable learning experience, and will provide helpful handouts and resources for ongoing growth.  No kryptonite here, just Supervision.


Full conference details and registration information will be available in the future at https://www.wyocounselingassociation.com/annual-conference/

Janet de Vries