Healthy U Workshop


Healthy U is a workshop for people with chronic health conditions and their friends, family, and caregivers. Over the course of six weeks, Healthy U participants learn valuable skills to help them take control of their condition and live happier, healthier lives.

Those who take part in a Healthy U workshop will:

  • Get support from other people with chronic health conditions
  • Develop different strategies to deal with pain, fatigue, and frustration
  • Learn about healthy eating
  • Create an exercise program that works for them
  • Understand their options when it comes to new treatments
  • Learn how to talk with their doctor, family, and friends about their health
  • Learn how to solve difficult problems and create

Healthy U is available all across Wyoming. If you or someone you care for struggles with diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, pain, depression, or any other chronic condition, Healthy U can help. Scroll down to learn more about Healthy U and to find Healthy U workshops near you.

Please visit the website for more information and to find a workshop near you:

Amanda Christine DeDiego

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