Mental Health Services Inadequate in Wyoming

Mental Health in Wyoming

Compiled by Mary Alice Bruce, PhD, LPC, NCC
Professor, Department Head, Professional Studies/Counseling
University of Wyoming


Suicide costs Wyoming over $175 million annually

The Wyoming suicide rate ranks highest of all 50 states, almost double the national average, and is increasing at a faster rate than the nation

Over 80% of suicide victims are men, and almost half the suicides occur between the ages of 40-54

Binge drinking occurs among 17% of Wyoming adults

Chronic drinking trend continues to increase in Wyoming adults with 3.0% (aged 65 or older) to 3.8% during the past year

Poor mental health days occur at a rate higher than the national average (a person indicates activities are limited due to mental health issues and distress)

Of Wyoming’s approximately 500,000 residents, close to 20,000 adults live with serious mental illness and about 5,000 children live with serious mental health conditions

27.2% of Wyoming high school students felt sad or hopeless sometime during the year

While 17% of Wyoming high school students seriously considered attempting suicide during the year, 11% did attempt one or more times

23.3% of Wyoming high school students were bullied on school property last year

36.3% of Wyoming high school students used marijuana one or more times last year


Public Mental Health Services are Inadequate to Meet Needs

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