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Youth Emergency Services, Inc.

Job Description

Job Description: Clinical Director

Director Supervisor: Executive Director

General Description:

To direct staff therapists, provide individual, group, and family therapy to children, youth, and families.  To evaluate youth’s therapeutic needs and assist in the development of appropriate treatment plans.  Maintain records of therapy, evaluation, and assure the highest standards are met in the provision of therapeutic services.


Minimum Master’s Degree in Human services and more than two years therapy related experience post licensure with experience providing individual, group, and family therapy.  Must be fully licensed with LPC, LAT, LMFT, LCSW or as a clinical or counseling psychologist.

Hours: Variety of hours to assure the therapeutic needs of youth and families are met.  Hours include evenings and weekend times as needed.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide both supervision for therapy and ancillary staff as appropriate, including therapists, practicum students, interns, and clerical staff.
    1. Clinical supervision (provide directly or designate).
    2. Administrative supervision
    3. Maintain records of supervision contacts.
  2. Ensure and as needed provide, youth and family with individual, group, or family therapy in the manner and frequency designated in each treatment plan. Modalities used are to be evidence based.
  3. Ensure the development, coordination, and implementation of the treatment plan with the program coordinator and case managers based on youth and family needs.
  4. Ensure and as needed, document therapeutic treatment goals, progress and completion in progress notes and other documents.
  5. Ensure that therapy staff maintains current training and licensure/certification in order to provide services.
    1. Ensure, as well, that staff is current with developments in their respective fields.
  6. Evaluate therapy department staff with annual performance review.
  7. Assign caseloads and other duties to therapy department staff to ensure optimal coverage.
  8. Interface and assist to maintain relationship with psychiatric health care providers to ensure quality services are being provided.
    1. Ensure that medications are prescribed and/or approved and provided as needed.
    2. Maintain a drug information book for pertinent units.
  9. Provide or designate the provision of training to all staff on issues pertinent to therapeutic interface in orientation and other venues.
    1. Medication interactions and side effects
    2. Criminal justice population
    3. Clients with cognitive deficits
    4. Cultural and sexual diversity
    5. Substance use disorders
    6. Axis I and II issues
    7. Suicide assessment, prevention, and appropriate responses
    8. Psychological, physical, and sexual trauma.
    9. Social detoxification
    10. Other issues as identified
  10. Interface with program coordinators to assess appropriateness of client referrals.
  11. Write, edit, and implement policies, procedures, and forms to maintain compliance with the requirements of credentialing entities (CARF, Mental Health Division, Substance Abuse Division, Department of Family Services, Medicaid, et al).
  12. Ensure that policies and procedures affecting therapy department staff are followed with sufficient integrity.
  13. Attend all required meetings, including unit staffing, clinical staffing, coordinators meetings, directors meetings, and strategic planning sessions. Schedule flexible to meet needs.
  14. Compile reports in service of the maintenance of grants.
  15. Meet individually with program coordinators to assist with program development and individual treatment issues.
  16. Oversee outreach and aftercare as assigned by the director of Y.E.S. House and provide documentation of contracts.
  17. Stay current with developments in the fields related to therapy.
  18. Model, maintain, and teach ethics to therapy staff.
  19. Perform on-call duties.
  20. Facilitate the scheduling of on call for the clinical team and assist in the on-call duties as needed.
  21. Review all referral, coordinate with assistant director and program coordinator to determine the appropriateness of placement.
  22. Work with the Clinical Supervisor to ensure clinical productivity/caseload are optimal. Provided monthly/quarterly report to clinicians and Administrate staff.
  23. Ensure the agency’s mission, polices and procedures are followed
  24. Follow all rule/policies of Youth Emergency Service, Inc.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to work closely with other agency departments and outside agencies
  2. Must be able to de-escalate potentially volatile situations
  3. Must be able to effectively manage large groups
  4. Advocacy for youth and families
  5. Good communication skills
  6. Good time management skills
  7. Advanced computer skills
  8. Knowledge of child growth and development
  9. Ability to follow and successfully complete both written and oral directions
  10. Ability to work with people of various personality types
  11. Possess sound emotional judgement
  12. Ability to change as the job changes

Amanda Christine DeDiego

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