My Personal Experiences of Sharing the New WCA Website with People


Hi Pat Nesbit here. I just wanted to share a few pieces of positive feedback that I’ve been receiving about our new website that we have been working on for the WCA.

The Wyoming Counseling Association (WCA) web site is an exciting opportunity for Association members as well as others who have viewed the site during its construction. While I was getting ready for an Association conference call with Jeremy Fremont, the owner of SideKick Mark design firm, and the other WCA Board members I had the being developed website was up on my computer screen. A client and his girlfriend stopped in and saw the site on the computer screen and wanted to know what it was for. I explained to the couple what the WCA is and how we have been working on the new site. They were both impressed by the site and thought it is beautiful and attention grabbing. In fact, the client asked “Hey, can I join? That looks pretty neat!” Validation that the hard work that has been put into the new WCA web site has been worth all the effort!

Below I share some additional feedback I’ve received from yet another person:

Once a month I hold peer supervision at my office with other counselors in the community of Gillette. I showed two of the counselors who attended the supervision in May, 2014 the new WCA web site that was under construction. They were delighted at the progress and the way the page is presenting the Association to members and others who visit the site. They were particularly impressed with the vivid colors and how access to the site has been improved.

I encourage you to check out the different pages of the site when you visit as there are some pretty neat features being used! It’s an opportunity to learn, share, and grow!

Pat Nesbit


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  1. Karen Hayhurst

    This website is a huge step forward for our organization. Thanks to all those who put in the time and effort to make this happen. I can now, with confidence, refer to this site as am important and useful resource.


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